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Customized Planning

What Keeps YOU up at Night? – Financial Planning



  • You have already achieved substantial financial success. Yet the ultimate measure of success may be your ability to accomplish both your financial and life goals. This is how we distinguish our planning process from others.
  • The initial focus of our work is to seek to understand your values and then your financial objectives - what is most important to you personally. Next we evaluate your current planning, with all its various components, in the context of those objectives. During this process we will develop a personal financial model, allowing us to project estate values, cash flows, income and estate taxes.
  • Invariably, conflicts, inconsistencies and other problems are identified in the current plan. If this occurs, we will then explore with you the available planning techniques to eliminate these problems and allow you to achieve your objectives. We will discuss both their advantage and disadvantages of each strategy, often times utilizing the personal financial model to help evaluate their impact. The goal of this process is assist you in making informed decisions regarding your plan.
  • Ultimately, the agreed to strategies will be documented in a written plan. This then becomes the "blueprint" for working with your other advisors in the implementation of the plan. It also memorializes your plan for future reference.
  • The end result of this process will be a completely updated and coordinated plan, consistent with and supportive of your objectives.