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Goldhirsh & Goldhirsh is committed to providing our clients with an extensive range of products and services, selected from the foremost insurance and investment management organizations in the United States. We offer more than 1,000 categories of investment alternatives carefully selected from hundreds of respected names in the financial services industry. With that you should feel confident that you have access to some of the best products available in the marketplace to suit your personal needs.

We continually monitor our product line and make appropriate revisions in response to social and economic changes in the marketplace.

Investment Product Solutions

We make it our business to understand your life situation, expectations and short and long term goals. We believe it's the only way to help ensure you get the information, advice and solutions you need to help make sound investment decisions.

We incorporate a disciplined, structured approach that takes into account your unique situation and needs, both today and down the road. It incorporates the benefits of the following strategies: strategic asset allocation, investing for the long term and professional management of assets. We implement these strategies only with companies which are well established, have proven records of success and meet our strict due diligence criteria.

We offer a broadly diversified portfolio of high quality investment products from leading companies. These products cover a wide array of investment markets and are carefully selected to meet the financial objectives of individuals and businesses. And we continually monitor our product selection, making appropriate revisions in response to social and economic changes in the marketplace.

Your investment strategy can be implemented in two main investment program types:

Asset Management Programs

Through the LFA Investment Planning process, advisors thoroughly evaluate each client's specific goals and objectives. As goals, objectives, and risk tolerances differ for each client situation, so must the implementation of the investment portfolio differ. At Lincoln Financial Advisors, you have access to a number of different Asset Management Programs, each focusing on different investment vehicles and strategies. With this choice of platforms, advisors have the ability to find the right investment account for every client need.


At Goldhirsh & Goldhirsh we employ a disciplined, structured approach to determine whether and to what extent life insurance can help meet your future financial needs and goals. We will educate you as to the integral role life insurance can play in helping reduce the cost of estate taxes, facilitate the transfer of a business or other assets, or provide future financial security to your family.

We are able to serve you within an open architecture environment. You are provided access to a full range of life insurance products designed to meet all their needs.

Product strength is critical when considering life insurance in your financial plan. We are able to offer a portfolio of competitive, innovative permanent and term products. Your customized financial plans may contain fixed or variable life insurance products that are manufactured by Lincoln Life. Every Lincoln Life product carries the reputation of an industry-leading product underwritten by a highly rated company. All non-Lincoln variable life insurance products are obtained through Lincoln Financial Advisors.

Because no single company can be everything to everyone, we also are able to offer insurance products through Lincoln National Insurance Associates, Inc. (Lincoln Associates). Lincoln Associates provides a diverse selection of insurance products and services, complementing the premier insurance and annuity products offered through Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. Lincoln has contracted with over 50 top-notch companies, either directly or through other brokerage general agencies, to offer you a wide range of products and services. Lincoln Associates also provides access to ancillary insurance products such as long-term care, disability insurance, and Life Settlements.

Four types of life insurance are available to you: universal life, variable universal life, whole life and term life.

  • Universal life offers flexibility. The amount of premiums may vary as long as the available cash value is sufficient to cover the costs of the policy. You can also opt to increase or decrease the amount of the death benefit while the policy is in force (subject to underwriting approval).
  • Variable universal life is designed with flexibility of a universal life policy together with variable investment options. The cash value varies with performance of an underlying portfolio of subaccounts. You select how to allocate the net premium among investment options (subaccounts) offered. Subaccount values fluctuate with market conditions.
  • Whole life is traditional life insurance. Premiums are guaranteed in the contract for the entire time the policy is in force. You accumulate a cash value, but the insurance company determines the interest rate credited to the cash value.
  • Term life insurance is purchased for a specific term of years: one, five, 10 or longer. If you die during the term, your beneficiaries receive the death benefit. But, if you're still living when the policy expires, coverage ends and there is no payout.

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